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Melissa Treglia's LJ

A moment to seek silence, time to pray for inner peace.

21 February 1983
gnostic (nah-stik) adj.
1. pertaining to, relating to, or possessing intellectual, esoteric
or spiritual knowledge, especially intuitive apprehension thereof
2. pertaining to or characteristic of any of certain sects among the
early Christians who claimed to have superior and direct personal
knowledge of spiritual matters beyond the Gospel and Church hierarchy,
and explained the world as created by powers or agencies arising as
emanations from the Godhead.
noun. A believer in Gnosticism.
Origin: c. 1585 Renaissance Latin gnosticus, based on
Late Greek gnostikós

diva (dee-vuh) noun.
1. a distinguished female opera singer; prima donna.
2. a highly successful singer of non-operatic or popular music.
plural: divas (dee-vuz), dive (dee-vay)
Origin: c. 1880 Italian, based on the feminine form of the Latin
divus ("god", "divine one")

"Religion is for people who want to stay out of Hell. Spirituality is for those who've gone through it."

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